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Wayne's transplant was a difficult surgery but incredibly successful! He is tired, but is steadily making progress. I am humbled by the kindness, love and support we received from each of you. Thank you! 


Video class tutorials will remain on sale while we race back and forth to Rochester and new video classes are coming soon!


We have set up a GoFundMe to help cover the continued transplant related expenses. Details can be found on the GoFundMe page. Thank you all for your kindness, prayers and words of encouragement!

A complete step-by-step video class combining fused glass and mixed media. This 2 ½ hour video class will guide you through creating adorable mixed media pieces (bunny, cat & robot) and is easily adapted to other designs. Video details the process of sheet construction, frit application, cold work, enamel preparation, firing schedules, and mixed media assembly along with introducing a magical new product that offers the same dazzling outcome as dichroic glass (at a fraction of the cost)!

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