A whimsical 10 3/8 inch diameter fused glass plate! Reverse painting technique using both hand painting and airbrushing. Hand made from Bullseye Glass. Created from a gorgeous medley of colors: cobalt, teal, light orchid, yellow, black and white.

The creation process for this playful piece requires 4 days of firing in a digitally controlled kiln. Multiple layers of enamel paint are applied, firing between each layer. The glass powders are applied to encase the enamel paint and the piece is fired again. The glass is cold worked with diamond tools and fired to the beautiful finish glass is known for. Finally, the glass is fired (slumped) to form the plate (about 3/4 inch deep).

Perfect displayed as a One of a Kind piece of art or to serve your favorite treats!

Fused and annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability. Food safe, hand wash only.

Dragonfly Plate - Round