Flight into Fantasy ~ Fused glass art sculpture

7 inch (antennae to end of body)
5 1/4 inch (wingspan)
2 3/4 inch (tall)

From the glow that is cast to the sparkling dichroic glass ~ the beauty of this hand made winged creature is magnified by light.

An enchanted mingling of fused glass and metal. Light aqua and iridescent rainbow neo-lavender opal fused glass with hand-painted kiln fired enamel wings (double wings). Rainbow textured dichroic glass fused with a black opal body. The firefly tail glows in the dark if exposed to sunlight or strong indoor light. Artfully assembled with sterling silver plated wire and accented with crystal beads. Neo-lavender will appear purple in natural light and take on a blue tone in fluorescent light.

A 3-D fused glass sculpture created by cutting, cold working, painting, kiln firing and forming over many days.

Hand made from Bullseye Glass. Fused and annealed in a computer-controlled kiln.