The beauty of light, sight, and sound. This magically fused glass wind chime is the perfect addition to any back yard, patio or window.

Adorable, playful, whimsical.......and most certainly One of a Kind! A robot with hand-painted details and dichroic eye, just imagine the smiles he is sure to bring.......

Hand made from Bullseye Glass. Meticulously cut, layered and painted with kiln-fired metal bearing vitreous enamels and accented with dichroic frit. Fused and annealed in a computer-controlled kiln.

A robot created from a variety of glass: white opal, black opal, dichroic and sprinkled with dichroic frit for a slight shimmer. A multiple firing process is used to create a unique pattern of color with metal bearing vitreous enamels. Wind chime created with iridescent rainbow red, iridescent rainbow yellow, orange opal, black opal and is completed with additional fused glass. Assembled with copper, copper beads and crystal beads. One of a Kind with a joyous sound!

Completed with mixed metal arms and antennas. Top measures approximately 9 inches tall by 11 inches wide. The total length is 23 inches.

This wind chime is a gorgeous addition to any home and makes a perfect one of a kind gift for anyone that enjoys robots or whimsical art.

Robot - Fused Glass Wind Chimes