A fused glass snowman bursting with personality!

Hand made from Bullseye Glass. Meticulously cut, layered, and hand-painted with kiln fired enamel. Fused and annealed in a computer-controlled kiln. Created from a mingling of glass: dense white opal, french vanilla opal, black opal, then sprinkled with dichroic frit for a slight shimmer. The dark halos where the colors meet is a fascinating chemical reaction between the glasses used.

Completed with a sterling silver plated woven wire scarf, earmuffs, and arms. Cast metal carrot for his nose. Measuring 3 1/4 inches tall x 3 inches wide.

A week-long creation process that begins by selecting compatible glass sheets which are cut, layered and fused in a kiln (an average of 16 hours to fire). The new combination sheet glass is then cut and shaped with a glass cutter and diamond tools. Additional glass accents are layered along with hand-painted details then back into the kiln for another firing. Any imperfections are addressed and when necessary a third kiln firing is completed. Now assembly begins with specialty diamond tools, traditional hand tools, sterling silver plated wire and various adornments.